Top cited articles

Telemedicine takes centre stage during COVID-19 pandemic
Saleem Ahmed, Kaushal Sanghvi, Danson Yeo

Wearable devices for remote vital signs monitoring in the outpatient setting: an overview of the field
Stephanie Soon, Hafdis Svavarsdottir, Candice Downey, et al

#SoMe4Surgery: from inception to impact
Rebecca C Grossman, Douglas Graham Mackenzie, Deborah S Keller, et al

Epidemiological impact of prioritising SARS-CoV-2 vaccination by antibody status: mathematical modelling analyses
Houssein H Ayoub, Hiam Chemaitelly, Monia Makhoul, et al

Integrative clinical, genomics and metabolomics data analysis for mainstream precision medicine to investigate COVID-19
Zeeshan Ahmed, Saman Zeeshan, David J Foran, et al

Attitudes towards digital health tools for outpatient cirrhosis management in patients with decompensated cirrhosis
Patricia Pringle Bloom, Madeline Marx, Thomas J Wang, et al

MIT COVID-19 Datathon: data without boundaries
Eva M Luo, Sarah Newman, Maelys Amat, et al

Determinants of and barriers to adoption of digital therapeutics for mental health at scale in the NHS
Matt G Williams, Richard Stott, Nicki Bromwich, et al

Agile Innovation to transform healthcare: innovating in complex adaptive systems is an everyday process, not a light bulb event
Richard J Holden, Malaz A Boustani, Jose Azar

End-to-end convolutional neural network enables COVID-19 detection from breath and cough audio: a pilot study
Harry Coppock, Alex Gaskell, Panagiotis Tzirakis, et al

The way forward after COVID-19 vaccination: vaccine passports with blockchain to protect personal privacy
Kelvin K F Tsoi, Joseph J Y Sung, Helen W Y Lee, et al

Virtual online consultation platforms for secondary care: a review of the options
Neha Shah, Amit Thakrar, Shankar Visvanathan, et al

Comparing video consultation and telephone consultation at the outpatient clinic of a tertiary referral centre: patient and provider benefits
Esther Z Barsom, Anne Sophie H M van Dalen, Marjolein Blussé van Oud-Alblas, et al

Are disruptive innovations recognised in the healthcare literature? A systematic review
Viknesh Sounderajah, Vanash Patel, Lavanya Varatharajan, et al

Can Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri save your life? A mixed-methods analysis of virtual digital assistants and their responses to first aid and basic life support queries
Christopher Picard, Katherine Elizabeth Smith, Kelly Picard, et al

Virtual hackathon to tackle COVID-19 unmet needs
William S Bolton, Shu Ng, Angela Lam, et al

Blockchain, health disparities and global health
Dominique Vervoort, Camila R Guetter, Alexander W Peters

Scoping and testing rural acute care at home: a simulation analysis
David M Levine, Meghna P Desai, Joseph B Ross, et al

Pneumatic femoral broaching in direct anterior approach hip arthroplasty
Ikram Nizam, Ashish Vinodkumar Batra, Sophia Gogos, et al

Double standards in healthcare innovations: the case of mosquito net mesh for hernia repair
Mark Skopec, Alessandra Grillo, Alvena Kureshi, et al