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Innovations that can reduce the impact of healthcare on the environment

Healthcare is one of the most polluting industries, responsible for nearly 5% of total global greenhouse gases and generating over a tonne of waste per hospital bed each year. The COVID-19 pandemic has also greatly exacerbated the use of single-use plastics which have limited potential for recycling.
As we tackle the wider challenges of climate change the greater adoption of innovations that can tackle the impact of healthcare on the environment are needed. BMJ Innovations is planning a special collection of papers in 2024 to showcase the innovations that can reduce the impact of healthcare on the environment. We are accepting manuscripts across the following article types:
  • Original research
  • Early-stage innovation reports
  • Systematic and Narrative Reviews
You can find out more about the submission guidelines for these article types here. Papers should be submitted through our normal submission system selecting ‘Healthcare and the environment’ on the special issue menu within ScholarOne. We are also commissioning a small number of discussion papers and editorials. For these, we invite interested parties to submit a pre-submission enquiry to info.innovations@bmj.com.