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Leaders in Innovation podcast series – coming in October

In our first podcast series, we’re bringing you interviews with some of the world’s top leaders in innovation, from the UK, Kenya, Vietnam, and the USA. We talk about their unique experiences and the lessons we can learn from their journeys. Listen to the teaser trailer >>

Our first interview is with Professor Tony Young OBE, National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHS England and NHS Improvement, who talks about what inspired him to get involved in innovation, and why his true passion for improving health is to keep the bext entrepneeurs in the NHS.


Dr Helen Surana is Associate Editor at BMJ Innovations – assessing and managing manuscripts, peer review and commissioning articles for special editions. She trained as an anaesthetist in the NHS and as a science communicator. She’s worked at BMJ in a number of roles since 2007 and loves digital transformation, education ethics and evidence. She is passionate about bringing the patient’s lived experience into all aspects of healthcare and research.

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