Table 4

COVID-19 vaccination, vaccination intent, vaccine hesitancy and vaccine communication across study follow-up

Pregnant or breast feedingNeither pregnant nor breast feeding
COVID vaccination
Vaccinated against COVID-19
 Yes, 1 dose18237.410630.51210.11012.0
 Yes, 2 doses22245.718954.510588.27286.7
 Months since latest vaccination*
 Median, IQR2 (1.0–4.0)2 (1.0–4.0)3 (1.0–5.0)2 (1.0–5.0)
 Min, max(0, 10)(0, 11)(0, 9)(0, 10)
Vaccination intent
 Unsuccessfully tried to get vaccinated†
 Yes, told could not be vaccinated because of pregnancy or breast feeding5771.33364.7150.000.0
 Yes, told could not be vaccinated for another reason1316.31121.600.01100.0
Likelihood of getting COVID-19 vaccine if offered at no cost†
 Very likely4252.53057.7150.01100.0
 Somewhat likely1923.8713.5150.000.0
 I am not sure78.859.600.000.0
 Somewhat unlikely11.300.000.000.0
 Very unlikely11.311.900.000.0
 No, but would consider for future1012.5917.300.000.0
Vaccine hesitancy
Reason for non-vaccination
 Waiting until no longer pregnant2835.02038.500.000.0
 I am waiting until I am not breastfeeding3138.82140.4150.000.0
 Healthcare worker said I could not67.523.800.01100.0
 Family said I could not810.035.800.000.0
 I am scared11.323.8150.000.0
Vaccine communication
Recent communication with friends/family re-COVID-19 vaccine
 Not sure489.9226.3119.11011.9
  • *If vaccinated 1–2 doses.

  • †If unvaccinated.