Table 5

COVID-19 vaccination over study time, overall and by pregnancy/breastfeeding status

PreinterventionPostintervention1 or more vaccine doses2 vaccine doses
NNOR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
All participants6094341.15(0.99 to 1.36)0.0641.20(1.09 to 1.34)<0.001
Pregnant1271081.31(1.12 to 1.53)0.0011.11(0.98 to 1.28)0.097
Breast feeding3612421.08(0.80 to 1.46)0.6041.32(1.13 to 1.55)0.001
Neither pregnant nor breast feeding121841.30(0.13 to 15.53)0.7850.80(0.40 to 1.58)0.518