Table 2

Community engagement with Saheli chatbot and perspectives on acceptability

Total populationPregnant or breast feeding
Chatbot engagement
Got information about the COVID-19 vaccine over the WhatsApp group
 Not sure102.382.3
Got information about COVID-19 from chatbot
Source learnt about chatbot*
 SWACH WhatsApp Group36597.630398.1
Chatbot experience
How understandable found chatting style of chatbot*
 Easy to understand how to interact with the chatbot29778.824980.1
 Initially difficult but overtime became easy5915.65116.4
 Did not understand how to interact with chatbot215.6113.5
Timeliness of information access on chatbot*
 Some time5715.44815.6
 Long time51.431.0
How understandable found information provided by chatbot*
 Easy to understand33091.427993.3
 Some difficulty236.4165.4
 Did not understand at all82.241.3
Completeness of information provided by chatbot*
 All the required information35396.729297.3
 Some but not all information102.782.7
 No information20.500.0
Interaction with chatbot helped you to decide in favour of the COVID-19 vaccine*
Improvement in knowledge from interaction with chatbot*
 No, did not improve my knowledge30.810.3
 Yes, improved knowledge a little3810.33310.8
 Yes, improved knowledge a lot32788.927288.9
Did you recommend the chatbot to others?*
Did you share information from chatbot with husband and family members?*
  • *If got information about COVID-19 from chatbot.

  • SWACH, Survival for Women and Children Foundation.