Table 2

An excerpt of the monitoring indicators identified for SOHG

Promoting a cocreative and participatory approach
  • Proportion of households with at least one active member (attends meetings, participates in planning and implementation)

  • Proportion of barangay meetings held

Developing leadership capacity among village leaders and community members
  • Proportion of training sessions conducted among community leaders/local monitors

  • Proportion of barangay leaders oriented about SOHG

Encouraging community participation to innovate and create local solutions
  • Proportion of community members that participate in the planning and implementation of community programmes

  • Percentage of proposals that have been developed by community leaders and members

  • How do community members perceive SOHG as a programme?

  • Do they perceive it as an effective means of monitoring?

Community mobilisation
  • Has the process of developing a community action plan been participatory?

  • Are the changing needs of the audience being captured?

General considerations
  • Are the project goals stated and well-defined?

  • Are relevant stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of the programme?

  • SOHG, Seal of Health Governance.