Table 1

Profile of identified social innovations

Community-managed groupSIHI comanaged group
InnovationKalinga Health10 Seal of Health Governance11
The Nature of InnovationIt is a 360° social enterprise facility that focuses on service delivery for tuberculosis care from detection to management. It implements a hub-and-spoke model, where it acts as the ‘hub’ and several private providers (‘spokes’) refer patients through a series of public–private mix strategies for tuberculosis care.A health leadership and monitoring programme that encourages community leaders to be actively engaged in addressing their community’s concerns through an open participatory competition.
InnovatorInnovations for community health is the first implementation-focused non-government organisation in the Philippines. It seeks to provide sustainable and scalable innovations in community health with an emphasis on private-sector delivery mechanisms.The local government of Del Carmen oversees and manages the project, along with representatives from the Department of Education and local civil society organisations.
Geographical areaMarikina City—a highly urbanised city located in the Philippines’ National Capital RegionDel Carmen, Surigao del Norte—a fifth-class coastal municipality in one of the major islands in the Philippines
CommunitiesComprosed of 16 barangays/villages. Two barangays, which have a combined population of 45 310 as of 2020, participated in the project.Composed of 20 barangays with a total population of 20 127 as of 2020. All 20 barangays participated in the project.
Community members’ roles in the innovationK! leaders, who are volunteer leaders and members of the community, conducted house-to-house visits to ensure that patients of Kalinga Health were compliant with their medications and their follow-up consultations. During these home visits, they also provided health education sessions related to tuberculosis and other lifestyle diseases such as hypertension.Development of scorecards, participation in health leadership and management training, provision of out-of-the-box solutions to their context-specific challenges
Selected local monitorsK! Leaders, a group of volunteers trained by ICH in health promotion and patient engagementMembers of the barangay council, barangay nutrition scholars, barangay health workers
  • ICH, Innovation for Community Health; SIHI, Social Innovation in Health Initiative.