Table 1

Entire cohort analysis (n=48)

Survey questionsPercentage of respondents who answered ‘yes’
Uncoated (control)Coated (intervention)P value
Did the goggles you just wore ever fog while wearing them on today’s shift?39/48 (81%)26/48 (55%)0.0029
Were there any instances today that fogging of the goggles you have just worn may have impacted the care of your patient and possibly have led to a safety concern (eg, fogging while performing a procedure, difficulty with reading the patient monitor or labels, etc)?17/48 (35%)8/48 (17%)0.0067
Mean (0 (not at all) to 10 (very frequently))
How often did the goggles fog?4.5±3.32.1±2.5<0.0001
How often did fogging of your goggles limit your ability to perform your tasks (eg, reading, communicating, performing procedures, etc)?2.5±3.01.4±2.50.0425
Aside from fogging, did the goggles you wore limit or distort your vision?1.5±2.42.0±2.60.2274
Approximately how often did fogging of the goggles you have just worn cause you to touch your face or head to either remove your goggles and/or face mask?3.4±3.31.8±2.80.0181
  • Survey responses for nominal and Likert scaled questions.