Table 2

End of 12-week monthly maintenance service

Output Key Performance IndicatorsAchieved
Enrolled members51 out of the 80 enrolled members continued to subscribe to the monthly maintenance service, 19 of whom eventually dropped out. An additional 13 patients subscribed and as a result 45 members completed the maintenance service phase.
BP/RBS tests completed100% of members received biweekly BP and RBS tests.
Prescribed medicines delivered100% of members received biweekly medicines.
Outcome Key Performance IndicatorsAchieved
% member retention rate64% retention rate.
% point in change in systolic and diastolic BP76% of members had their systolic and diastolic BP under control by the end of month 6, compared with 64% (systolic) and 73% (diastolic) in month 1. Furthermore, at least 30 of them (67%) were able to consistently put their systolic and diastolic BP levels under control throughout the entire 6 months.
% change in RBS69% of members had their RBS levels under control by the end of month 6, compared with 60% in month 1. Furthermore, 17 of them (38%) had their RBS levels consistently within the target range throughout the 6-month service.
Overall lives improvedBy the end of the service, overall lives improved was at 73% (ie, 33 out of the 45 members were able to put their previously uncontrolled diastolic/systolic BP and/or RBS levels into target range in at least one point during the 6-month service).
  • BP, blood pressure; RBS, random blood sugar.