Table 1

Percentage of Ehteraz accuracy against WHO duration and distance criteria for COVID-19 contact and the categories of the contacts

Number of contacts (%)
N=5650 (100%)
Contact distance/duration according to WHO criteria (contact distance within 1 metre of a case for >15 min)
Matched 3000 (53.1%)
Not matched2650 (46.9%)
Categories of the contacts of 219 index cases
Index also in swab collection 43 (19.6% of index cases)
Contact also in swab collection 319 (5.7% of contact cases)
Contacts same residential address339 (6.0%)
Contacts same company/guardian435 (7.7%)
Contacts same employer270 (4.8%)
Contacts with at least one of the above three relations with index case 677 (12.0%)
Contacts with no know relations to index case 4973 (88.0%)