Table 1

Selection criteria used by the panel of experts

Selection criteriaDescriptionWeight
Appropriateness of the solution to the needThe approach addresses a healthcare delivery challenge that specifically deals with an infectious disease of poverty or could be applied to this disease group.10%
Degree of innovativenessThe approach is new, different or a significant improvement within the context to which it is being applied.25%
InclusivenessThe approach has the potential to be used by a large number of people, enhancing equity and access.15%
AffordabilityThe solution is affordable for the poor who are otherwise excluded in the local context or the solution is more cost-effective than the status quo.10%
EffectivenessThe solution has a demonstrated positive outcome on the health of the local population.15%
ScalableWithin and across cultural, resource and environmental contexts, the solution can be applied to reach many more people.10%
SustainableThe financial, organisational and market aspects of the solution are sustainable.15%