Table 2

Description of Finalists’ projects

S/NTeam nameDescription
1Sexual Health Yes!The team ‘Sexual Health Yes!’ were the winners of this thematic track, with their fun and educational card-game called GROW UP. GROW UP is a card game that helps parents to kickstart sexual health conversations with children. The game is designed to empower parents with the knowledge needed to discuss the taboo subject of sex.
2SLED (Student-Led Action Towards Evidence-Based Drug Politics)SLED addresses the rising use of illicit drugs among the youth in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. SLED aims to normalise and de-stigmatise drug education in order to improve the well-being of Malaysian Youths. The SLED Agenda: Extend allyship grounded in harm reduction and treatment approaches with youth using drugs.
3Team UMDesigned for Malaysians of all ages, this mobile app monitors a user’s mental health. Additionally, the app serves as a valuable resource that connects users to a network of loved ones and licensed mental health professionals
4UNTUK Malaysia#UntukMalaysia (For Malaysia) is a movement focused on education regardless of ideology. It is an initiative by Pertubuhan Rejuvenasi Pendidikan. Their solution seeks to address issues around Post-
Pandemic Illiterate Children.
5NENO MalaysiaNeno is a Mobile Healthcare Service and On-Demand healthcare platform tackling Healthcare Accessibility for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Neno brings all healthcare services close to the community via outreach initiative and home-visits.
6Save The Seas MalaysiaThe Uncovify App is a social networking app centred around helping the people who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to help individuals be more aware of their whereabouts and surroundings during the pandemic for cluster prone areas.
7The VoicesThe Quarantine User Tracking App is one of the applications which is made for those who have been quarantined from being screened from coronavirus and able to monitor and track quarantine user using the web-based application.
8Peluang KeduaThe ThinkThrough App is a mobile app that focuses on nationwide Malaysian Fresh Graduates to provide psychological assistance. ThinkThrough app focuses on detect, assess and link, in which we assess the user’s well-being through questionnaires and we link them to Psychology First Aid hotlines that are available in Malaysia.
9Save The Seas MalaysiaThe team from ‘Save the Seas Malaysia’ created an inspiring song to empower youths to rise up amidst the challenges that they face such as bullying and sexual abuse and they believe that music is the best platform to help youths and provide them with a voice and to also let the youths know that their voices are being heard.
10Moonyy StoryA poem that addresses the feelings of depression and loneliness experienced among youth by imparting a message of hope, togetherness, and honesty. ‘I am no longer afraid to keep breathing.’ This poem is constructed story by story so that the readers could link them together logically. Therefore, the readers could easily follow and imagine the story scenes one by one and have a deep connection with my feelings.
11COVID-19 & YouthsA poster that speaks directly to the youth of Malaysia, compelling them to fight COVID-19 by completing their education and achieving their dreams. The poster seeks to address the issue regarding online learning during COVID-19 pandemic.
12AGROZONIAThe team ‘AGROZONIA’ created a mobile platform that allows users to participate in a digitally implemented urban agriculture programme using hydroponic systems. Customers can choose vegetable plots, monitor their crops and have their harvest safely delivered to their home through AGROZONIA’s platform
13KOMOREBIAn automated system of deployable modular units that uses air space to serve as floating public streets and pocket spaces for families and individuals. KOMOREBI is powered by a renewable energy and driven by swarm intelligence. (KO)LLECTIVE - (MO)BILE - (RE)SPONSIVE - (BI)OMIMICRY.
14Brand New MalaysiaA mobile app designed to help small to medium retailers and micro enterprises expand their businesses to a host of online platforms. Eligible new merchants can receive a full subsidy for their online startup costs including product listings and delivery services. Additionally, consumers can access the app’s e-wallet for cashless transanctions via their mobile devices.
  • Submission numbered 1–8 were from the youth-led innovations submission track, while submissions numbered 9–11 and 12–14 were from the youth messaging, and futures thinking and strategic planning tracks, respectively.