Table 2

Risk ratio for utilising ORS with zinc in the intervention (Kalomo and Katete) versus comparator districts (Monze and Petauke, respectively) at endline, 2013

CharacteristicGLM results
Risk ratio
(95% CI)*
P value
Kalomo (intervention) versus Monze (comparator)
27.0 (10.6 to 69.1) 0.000
Katete (intervention) versus Petauke (comparator)
75.2 (10.3 to 547.7) 0.000
  • Figures in bold font denote statistically significant values.

  • *GLM with Poisson distribution to estimate relative risk; adjusted for within-site correlation using the robust variance estimate.

  • GLM, generalised linear model; ORS, oral rehydration salts.