Table 1

Key ideas from the concept note for the Social Innovation in Health Learning Exchange Platform

Proposed purpose of the platformBuild capacity for SIH and research on SIH.
Share health solutions.
Facilitate engagement and collaboration among innovators, funders, researchers, policymakers, communities and other actors in the SIH ecosystem.
Build a community of practice on SIH.
Look at health issues and solutions from different vantage points.
Collaborate to address health inequity in different settings (LMICs, HICs).
Apply leadership and governance in social innovation for health equity.
Capture and share cutting edge knowledge and insights on the learning and leadership process.
Unlock a new generation of community-led societal innovation leadership that powers capacity building and advocacy beyond borders.
Celebrate the insights of communities—discover synergies, symbiosis and cross-pollinations around the globe.
Strengths and potential role (experience and expertise)Identification and research on social innovations, capacity building and connecting and convening stakeholders.Health leadership and health system development focused on attaining health equity.
Capacity building of local leaders on bridging leadership and health systems, using roadmaps as a guide.
Social entrepreneurship and societal innovation, through ecosystemic and regenerative systemic approaches.
Using blended modality learning and leadership platforms.
Knowledge products and resourcesIntroductory module on Social Innovation in Health.
Community engagement modules.
Municipal Leadership and Governance Program.Business Models, Regenerative Ecosystems, and Exponential Leadership.
Networks16 implementing partners (of which 12 are country research hubs), 12 contributing partners; country hubs have their network of social innovators and government and non-government partners.Local government units, Department of Health, other national agencies and development partners.International community and organisation spanning more than 30 countries, engagement with over 60 organisations.
  • HICs, high-income countries; LMICs, low-income and middle-income countries; MAD, Make a Difference Foundation; SIH, Social innovation in health; SIHI, Social Innovation in Health Initiative; ZFF, Zuellig Family Foundation.