Table 3

Top-ranked entries to the open call

Youth voices to cocreate the post-COVID-19 world: text entries
Type of entryTitleTopicThemeAge of participant (s)
ScreenplayProject PlanetTechnological advancements after the pandemic that focus on health, education, economic and workTechnological advancement19
StoryWaking up to a Beautiful TomorrowPositive impacts of the pandemicSocial issues in general23
EssayJourney to a New WorldPossible alternative arrangements in work, education and healthSocial issues in general15
Poem Inilatag ng Imahinasyon Technological advancement after the pandemicTechnological advancement20
StoryDearest TontonMessage of hope and encouragement amidst the pandemicYouth empowerment19
StoryHome 2050Changes in ways of living after the pandemicResiliency amidst the pandemic20
Youth voices to cocreate the post-COVID-19 world: other entries
Type of entry Title Topic Theme Age of participant (s)
ImageMoving Towards Post-Pandemic World Advancing the SDG Agenda and Global NetworksAdvancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda and global networksSocial issues in general18
MusicIn 30 yearsEnvisioned changes in ways of living after the pandemicSocial issues in general18
VideoCheck Me AppVirtual clinic through a mobile applicationTechnological advancement24
COVID-19 related social innovations
Type of entry Title Short description Theme Age of participant (s)
Ongoing social innovationThis book is so boringA journal/book available to adolescents which encourages a reader to bring out their ideas and emotions to promote the importance of mental healthMental health30
Social innovation proposalStat – Your Virtual ClinicA mobile app for monitoring COVID-19 casesPhysical health and well-being17
Social innovation proposalABSCISAIntegration of Arduino-Based Smart Contactless Interface with Syndromic Surveillance and Alert System (ABSCISA) towards social innovation for fomite-mediated SARS-CoV-2 transmission mitigationPhysical health and well-being16
Non-COVID-19 related social innovations
Type of entry Title Short description Theme Age of participant (s)
Ongoing social innovationNurture StreamA virtual hub where individuals celebrate togetherness for mental health and well-beingMental health27
Social innovation proposalKATSAProvision of entrepreneurial solution by creating a sustainable programme where women and young people in an NGO sponsored-community wins from povertyEconomic and social challenges27
Ongoing social innovationProject Tuklas (Teledermatology, Unang Kilatis sa Leprosy Ating Simulan)Youth-led initiative aiming to end leprosyPhysical health and well-being28