Table 3

Considerations for future Innovators in fostering audio submissions for crowdsourcing events

Contest stagesPotential barriersPotential solution
OrganisingSteering committee members may not comprise experts who have experience in audio interventions and may privilege ‘traditional’ modesEnsure representation by individuals who appreciate and can provide expert input on audio interventions.
SolicitingInstructions may not give participants to impression that audio interventions are accepted and encouraged.
Barriers to entry for song-writing competitions may be high, which may privilege audio ideas or entries with high production value
Traditional song-writing or poetry competition instructions should be incorporated into the present open call instructions.
Ensuring that submission criteria focus largely on a low common denominator (eg, lyrics or script/poem, alongside a sample of recorded segment)
PromotingParticipants may not be aware that songs, spoken word, podcasts and radio-friendly submissions are acceptable modes of submitting entries.Other crowdsourcing activities have adopted specific music categories that have helped market innovation challenges to communities of songwriters or artists.
JudgingIt may be tough to judge music submissions or audio submissions against visual art or other forms of text-based submissions
Guidelines for judging audio submissions may not be clear or may not align with traditional judging criteria for audio submissions
To create a separate category for judging based on audio submissions
Ensure that an expert panel of judges is organised that can provide input on audio submissions
Mentorship and capacity-buildingDesignathons may focus largely on full health intervention proposals, but have focused less on building capacity for individuals who have submitted audio entriesEnsure that capacity-building sessions are relevant to participants in an audio category
SharingDissemination channels typically leverage on academic or research-focused platforms
Lack of engagement from commercial entities (eg, record labels or broadcasting platforms) to assist with further dissemination of song and audio submissions.
Ensuring that audio submissions are provided with opportunities to showcase their work on appropriate platforms (eg, audio streaming services, creating lyric videos for online video platforms)
Ensuring that commercial entities, such as broadcasting channels, record labels, songwriters, or artistes are engaged early on to commit to dissemination of such innovations to a wider audience