Table 1

Characteristics of social innovation case studies included in this analysis (n=40)

 Latin America and the Caribbean8
Health focus
 Primary healthcare19
 Maternal and child health7
 Neglected tropical diseases4
Areas of interest
 Private providers6
 Community mobilisation14
 Alternate care providers3
 Community health workers5
 Digital technology7
 Last mile distribution3
 Health research5
 Health education5
 Service delivery6
Health system focus
 Service delivery14
 Healthcare financing4
 Community service delivery7
 Health workforce7
 Information systems4
 Medical products and technologies3
 Research grants23
 National or provincial government support15
 Local government support10
 Revenues or sales13
 Private sector5
  • *Community health, Sexually transmitted diseases, Tuberculosis, Infectious disease.

  • †Indigenous people, Health promotion, Disease prevention, Cross-sector collaboration, Intercultural health, Education sector involvement, Transport and logistics, Disease control and elimination, Community Health, Community engagement, Renewable energy, Crowdsourcing, Medical technology, Public–private partnerships, Women’s health, Community empowerment, Financial risk protection, Maternal and child health, Maternal health, Technology, Community health insurance, Child care.

  • ‡Community empowerment, Health insurance, Medical resources, Leadership/governance, Logistics, Information.

  • §Health offices, Health facilities, Healthcare workers, Non-government organisations, Community-based organisations, Faith-based organisations, Teaching institutions, Community leaders, Decision-makers, Policymakers and Businesses.