Table 1

SIHI-LAC’s Ecosystem Support Package 2015–2021

Ecosystem dimensionSubcomponentsSupport activities undertaken
Local embeddingSocial innovation university hubs
  • 3 completed crowdsourcing contests to identify social innovations in health implemented in LAC (2015, 2017, 2019, with 2021 underway).

  • 8 case study research projects were conducted and published online.21

  • Technical assistance to selected innovations for example, proposal writing.

  • Presentations about social innovation at key forums and other institutions in LAC.

  • Participation in university courses and integration with training programmes.

  • Leveraged resources from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Colombia.

Translocal connectivitySIHI-Global Network
  • SIHI Global Convenings, include networking with philanthropic organisations, funders and experts (Geneva, Annecy, Cape Town, Uganda).21

  • SIHI Inter-Hub virtual event participation to share work and experiences.21

  • Resource sharing, toolkits and the development of reporting standards.33–35

ALACISS Regional Innovator Network
  • Bimonthly virtual webinars & opportunities for regional (LAC) actors to present their projects.

  • Strengthening the capacity of innovators and researchers in community-based research methodologies and design thinking, through in-person workshops.

  • Virtual communication group sharing the latest opportunities.

  • An online repository of methodological papers, case studies, press and media releases, podcasts, seminars, etc.

  • Participation in publications in peer-review journals.22 29

Discursive resonanceAwards and recognition
  • Recognition at PAHO’s Universal Health Day 2019 including the development of promotional videos, and public recognition of the initiatives (including a plaque handed by PAHO’s Director to innovation delegates).25

  • Recognition by PAHO country offices (ceremonies).

  • Media interviews and press releases.

  • Promotion via the social innovation in health website and PAHO’s Health System Innovation Portal.

  • Communication of events and activities via monthly newsletters and social media.

  • Articles in SIHI produced publications.21

  • Case videos of each social innovation.21

  • Awareness-raising among relevant development agencies and the participation of stakeholders in the independent innovation review panels.

  • ALACISS, Alianza Latinoamericana y del caribe en Innovación social para la salud; PAHO, Pan American Health Organization; SIHI-LAC, Social Innovation in Health Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean.