Table 2

Suggested areas for improvement

Area for improvementRepresentative quotations
Information about the creators of the platform (20/22)So, I think the symptom checkers could benefit us, but I think there are areas for improvement. At this point, I don’t know who made the websites and if they are credible, are they tech people or are they doctors behind the scene? (P10)
Explanation of symptoms (15/22)When I typed in things related to my sore throat a lot of other things would pop up and I didn’t know the difference between the symptoms. So, I wish it explained the differences between the sub-sections of having a sore throat. (P9)
Personalised experience (12/22)Maybe a bit disappointed because I thought answers would be more straightforward. It was expected that it would tell me to self-isolate but it’s normal given the level of information that is currently available on the symptoms. (P14)
Language options (3/22)More languages would also be helpful other than English and French. (P11)
Option to get tested (6/22)Or even having the option to do the test would have been helpful as well. (P14)