Table 1

Vietnam’s three locally developed, affordable COVID-19 test kits

TeamsIMM and Viet AHUST, Innogenex and SunstarVAST
Processing time60+ min15–30 min60+ min
AffordabilityUS$19–25US$15Less than US$21
Key team membersDr Su and Dr Son (IMM)Dr Hoa (HUST), Mrs Ha (Innogenex) and Mrs Lien (Sunstar)Dr Quyen and Dr Khang (VAST)
Date research beganLate December 2019Late December 20197 February 2020
Timing of test kit approval (approver)4 March (Vietnam’s Ministry of Health)7 May (Vietnam’s Ministry of Health, of version 1); 25 May (Belgium, of version 2)April (Vietnam’s Ministry of Health)
Production statusViet A has led the production and commercialisation and exporting of the test kits.Sunstar has been working to commercialise and export the test kits to a number of countries.Status unknown.
  • HUST, Hanoi University of Science and Technology; IMM, Institute of Military Medicine; RT-PCR, reverse transcription PCR; VAST, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.