Table 2

Major lockdowns implemented by the Vietnamese government as of February 2021

First case detected onDuration of the lockdownSourceLocationConfirmed cases/deaths (n)H/P under lockdownNote
31 January 202013 February–4 March 2020Employees returning from WuhanSon Loi, Vinh Phuc commune11/02774 (H)
18 March 20201–23 April 2020Imported case(s)Ho Chi Minh City19/010 million (P)Leading to the 2-week national lockdown on 1–14 April 2020 during the first wave
20 March 202028 March–11 April 2020UnknownBach Mai Hospital, Ha Noi58/0>10 000 (P)
6 April 2020*7 April–6 May 2020UnknownHa Loi commune, Me Linh, Ha Noi13/02711 (H)
25 July 202028 July–12 September 2020UnknownDa Nang550/351.1 million (P)Second wave
28 January 202128 January 2021–UnknownChi Linh City, Hai Duong province83/0†220 000 (P)Third wave
16 February 202116 February 2021–UnknownHai Duong province440/0†1,9 millionThird wave
  • *Presumably linked with Bach Mai Hospital.

  • †Ongoing and indicating the number of cases reported on the day of lockdown.

  • H, household; P, people.