Table 2

Governing bodies engaged during development of an emergency department resuscitation bay VAR programme in Ontario, Canada

Type of engagementGoverning bodyMembership/representation
Sought approvalDepartment of Emergency Medicine.
Department of Critical Care Medicine.
Department of Medicine.
Division of General Internal Medicine.
Physicians and department heads.
Trauma Programme.Head of trauma programme and trauma team leaders.
Hospital Advisory Committee.Allied health representation, including nurses and respiratory therapists, with respective union representation.
Hospital executives.CEO, VP research, chief of staff, director of medical affairs.
Joint Program Council.Programme medical directors.
Medical Advisory Committee.Senior administrative body for all medical staff within the organisation.
Emergency department managers.Director, ambulatory clinics and emergency care, operations manager.
Engaged during development and introductionJoint Quality and Utilisation Improvement CommitteeHospital committee with mandate to support and enable quality improvement initiatives across the organisation. Members include departmental QI leads, director of patient safety, quality and risk, director of decision support, and VP quality.
Emergency department nurses.Emergency department nursing clinical educator, charge nurses and nursing leaders.
  • CEO, chief executive officer; QI, quality improvement; VAR, video and audio recording; VP, vice president.