Table 2

Anticipated limitations due to placement of Neo-Sense

Due to movementDue to size of the babyIf incorporated into a mattressIf anterior placementIf strapped to the babyIf posterior placement
“My concerns are that the baby is moving around on it. So, what I want is not to keep on touching the baby to position.” (1A)
“Loss of contact with the sensor with movement.” (11A)
“I am not sure if the one in the mattress will pick up the HR [heart rate] in very tiny babies or in a big baby.” (3A)
“Preterm babies will have to go in a plastic bag, what is the impact of fluid on the sensor.” (16A)
“The baby is at risk of hypothermia.” (16A)
“It makes it difficult to know where to put the baby. They are not always going to lie on the same side of the mattress.” (5A)
“How hard would it be to replace rather than just being an external device.“ (9A)
“It wouldn’t allow you to give the baby to mum and dad, to do skin to skin, breastfeed the baby; you wouldn’t be able to comfort the baby.” (13A)
“If disposable it might become problematic.” (14A)
“If it is on the front it is occluding baby’s abdomen and chest.” (5A)
“It might interfere with phototherapy.” (14A)
“Most babies have lines that are around the umbilicus.” (14A)
“The straps will get wet.” (6A)
“It makes it dirty, so you have to have wipe able straps, but they also have to be stretchable so from cleaning point of view it makes it trick.” (17A)
“The babies might be restricted.” (12A)
“You might have 2 towels when the baby is being brought to you.” (7A)
“We would have to keep an eye on the back, so it doesn’t mark the baby.” (8A)