Table 4

Perceived advantages of Neo-Sense

Advantages due to usability and placement featuresAdvantages if incorporated into the mattress
“I think it will be easy to use especially downstairs in a delivery if you just need to place the baby on top of it. It seems to be very quick and easy.” (3A)
“It looks that it would be easy to use as you don’t need to physically attach it to the baby. There won’t be any difficulties if the baby is not dry enough.” (5A)
“It seems quite simple which will be good if you are in an emergency situation if it gives you a quick reading.” (9A)
“If you just have to lay a baby on it that seems amazing very simple anybody can use it, especially in an emergency scenario when you have to do a lot of things to the baby as well. If you could just lay the baby on it and have a reading rather than sticking the pulse oximetry, that would be really good, very clever. I think it is amazing, anybody would be able to use just place the baby on it and it picks up the heart rate rather than fiddling with the baby when other things are going on as well.” (10A)
“I think that the mattress would be incredibly easy if it works as you just have to lay the baby on it.” (11A)
“In the mattress, it can’t go missing; I think that would be an advantage.” (18A)
“It looks comfortable and easy to use.” (20A)