Table 1

A summary of equipment identified from the needs assessment

EquipmentFabrication time (months)Device classificationComments (key user concerns)
1Suction machine3Risk class IIFrequent breakdown of available machines. Long readiness turnaround times (sterilisation).
2Resuscitaire2–4Risk class IIThe basic baby warmer should have suction capacity as well as oxygen delivery.
3Infant incubator (whole piece)
Spare parts
Risk class IIMany babies put under the few working machines. No way to monitor phototherapy light still within therapeutic dose.
4Patient monitor (whole piece)
Spare parts
6–8Risk class I (exempt)Assess probes to determine the required time to build.
5Examination lights2Risk class I (exempt)Consider solar power as energy source.
6Vacuum extractor2Risk class IINeeds to ensure that the current sample in market does not have intellectual property restrictions.
7Phototherapy machine4–8Risk class IIMany babies put under the few working machines.
8Oxygen blender4–7Risk class IICentralised system available but subject to procurement constraints.
9Delivery bed6Risk class I (exempt)Labour ward handles 2–3 times the capacity it was built for.