Table 2

Estimate of ratio of means (with gel/no gel) and 90% CI

VariableEstimate of mean ratio90% CI
Log AUC collagen1.09(0.96 to 1.24)
Log Cmax collagen1.07(0.99 to 1.16)
Log AUC ASP-arachidonic acid1.16(0.88 to 1.53)*
Log Cmax ASP-arachidonic acid0.98(0.79 to 1.22)*
Log AUC salicylate0.77(0.40 to 1.47)*
Log Cmax salicylate0.76(0.44 to 1.31)*
  • *Outside of range allowable to enable assumption of bioequivalence.

  • ASP, aspirin; AUC, area under the curve.