Table 1

Selected technology appraisals

Technology appraisalDescription
TA69 Guidance on the use of liquid-based cytology for cervical screening (published 2003)10 Recommended the use of liquid-based cytology as the primary means of processing samples in the cervical screening programme in England and Wales, with the brush that makes liquid-based possible being the medical device investigated
TA71 Guidance on the use of coronary artery stents (published 2003)14 Recommended the use of stents where percutaneous coronary intervention is the clinically appropriate procedure for patients with either stable or unstable angina or with acute myocardial infarction. This was a review of previous guidance on bare metal stents and an appraisal of drug-eluting stents. A further appraisal was published in 2008, providing further guidance on the circumstances when a drug-eluting stent should be used.17 Drug-eluting stents are the specific device being investigated
TA78 Fluid-filled thermal balloon and microwave endometrial ablation techniques for heavy menstrual bleeding (published 2004)21 Recommended the use of fluid-filled thermal balloon endometrial ablation and microwave endometrial ablation as treatment options for women with heavy menstrual bleeding in cases where it has been decided, by the woman and the clinician responsible for her treatment, that surgical intervention is appropriate for the management of the condition. The specific devices being investigated are those that make fluid-filled thermal balloon and microwave endometrial ablation techniques possible