Table 2

Themes developed by the eight designathon teams in Guangzhou, China, 2016

NoTeamTheme of campaignMean score*Rank
TaglineConcept descriptionImage and message description
Easy safe-testingExplaining the meaning of lines in commonly seen shoulder badge as a result of HIV testing, showing HIV testing is not far away from daily lifeAdvertising and promoting HIV self-tests among young people, emphasising confidentiality, few pain and quick result; providing counselling services through GIS-based apps, and conducting exhibition contest to promote HIV testing35.21†
2Guangzhou (GD)Self-testing at homeThe destination of one’s life voyage, giving any person a warm feelingPromoting HIV self-tests through new media outlets and in-person events, emphasising the concept of ‘home’ that represents a feeling of warmness, free style and being accompanied, and providing gay-friendly counselling and linkage to care services34.61†
A Chinese character of ‘艾’This is the first Chinese character of AIDS, perceived as a symbol of AIDS among Chinese MSMPromoting HIV tests through online (eg, WeChat) and offline (eg, bars) games and gamification, using a Chinese character symbolising that testing is the right and safe way to go when facing AIDS32.23
4Shenzhen (GD)Breaking the bondageHIV/AIDS is a huge restraint for looking for love. Testing provides a breakthroughSocial marketing and promotion of HIV self-tests through WeChat, Blued and Taobao platforms, and breaking the bondage of HIV for love through testing31.74
A healthy lifestyleConstructing regular HIV self-test as a new healthy lifestyleHIV self-test campaigns for MSM in VCT clinics (by providing HIV self-testing kits to VCT participants for partner and self-testing in the future), using a picture of two handsome young men to emphasise nurturing regular HIV self-testing as a healthy lifestyle31.25
Testing saves livesEarly HIV testing can provide people an early diagnosis, early treatments and therefore save livesPromotion of HIV tests through published serial cartoons and using a real story to demonstrate the dangerous of late HIV testing306
Say no to HIVHIV testing is able to empower MSM to say no to HIVPromotion of HIV tests online (eg, WeChat, Internet and mobile apps) and offline (eg, posters), using a picture of two masculine men to go for HIV testing as companions, and demonstrating testing can empower people say no to HIV28.17
Enthusiasm for life, enthusiasm for testingAdopting from revolution enthusiasm, constructing HIV testing as an active way of lifeUniversity scavenger hunt for HIV test promotion, inviting students to provide HIV testing service to students, adapting a picture used in the cultural revolution to demonstrate HIV testing as an interesting, enthusiastic and active way of life26.58
  • *Scoring was based on evaluating each of the criteria: (1) able to encourage HIV testing, (2) able to generate enthusiasm and (3) community-based (4); feasible in the local context. Each judge then came up with an overall score for each campaign (maximum score 10). The overall mean score from the four judges for each campaign was calculated and is listed in the table (maximum score 40).

  • †The top two programmes had such close scores that judges discussed and decided to declare both teams as winners.

  • GD, Guangdong Province; GIS, geographic information systems; SD, Shandong Province; VCT, voluntary counseling and testing.