Table 2

Comparison of natural biliary system with our in vitro set-up

ParametersNatural biliary systemIn vitro set-up
Source of bileProduced by the liver10% w/v ox bile
Source of dietary fibreFrom the diet of the individual (varies from person to person)2.5 g/450 mL, consistent from experiment to experiment. Allows systematic variation of fibre length
Source of bacteriaMillions of gut flora which are resistant to bodily fluids are present in the intestinal walls.Bile-resistant progeny has been developed for 10 generations.
Sterility of the ductMaintained by sphincter of OddiMaintenance of a sterile in vitro condition
Flow rateDepends on the dietary composition of mealFixed continuous flow rate of 0.5 mL/min for accelerated clogging
Nature of flowMeal induced biliary secretion.Induced using peristaltic pumps
TemperatureBody temperatureMaintained at 37°C