Table 2

Selection criteria used to determine concept scoring

Selection criteriaDesign inputWeight (%)Description
Weight capacity<1200 lbs25Effect of modification on weight capacity.
Radiation attenuation<1% increase15Effect of modification on reducing radiation penetration.
Durability<6 hours continuous, repeat use15Ability of modification to support large weight loads for continuous periods of time repeatedly.
Staff manoeuvrability15Effect of modification on physicians’, techs’ and nurses’ ability to move around the patient and access certain parts of the body.
Fluoroscope manoeuvrability10Effect of modification on fluoroscope’s ability to move as needed.
Ease of use5Time, effort and number of potential complications associated with modification during procedure.
Ease of set up<10 min
<5 parts
5Time, effort and number of potential complications associated with modification prior to procedure.
Ease of manufacturing2Time and resources associated with manufacturing modification.
Lateral rotation of patient5Effect of modification on ability to turn patients laterally for better access to certain areas of the body.
Patient comfortASTM Standards3Degree of comfort offered to patients by modification.