Table 3

Outcome evaluations of contest finalists

First authorPrimary outcome measureEvaluation study designPrimary data collection methodComparator outcomesOutcomes of top-ranked submissionSummary findingsStudy quality
Scale: 0–10
Chansrichavala et al45Opinion regarding the potential use of videos to raise public awareness of melioidosisQualitative focus group discussionFocus group audio recordingTop 12 video submissions had strong potential to increase public awareness of melioidosis9.5
Costello and Stolovitzky6Predictive accuracy of cancer drug sensitivityRetrospective observational cohort and cross-validation of predictive algorithmsClinical biomarkers0.5000.583Finalist algorithm predicted cancer drug sensitivity significantly more accurately than random assignment (p<0.0001)8.1
Costello and Stolovitzky6Identification of causal gene mutations and innovative clinical diagnostic protocolsIndividual patient genomic sequencingClinical biomarkersNANAFinalist team identified causal genetic mutation of a rare condition and submitted innovative protocols in genome analysis, interpretation and reporting8.1
Küffner et al50Deviation of predictive algorithm of ALS disease progression from observed clinical outcomesRetrospective observational cohort & cross-validation of predictive algorithmsClinical biomarkers and behavioural indicators0.5590.544Finalist algorithm predicted ALS disease progression more accurately than benchmark standard, but not significantly (p>0.05). Improvement in prediction could potentially reduce size and cost of future clinical trials.9.4
Lakhani et al52Speed and accuracy of genomic analysisCross-validation of analytical algorithmsClinical biomarkers15 616 s;
72% accuracy
16 s;
80% accuracy
Finalist algorithm analysed genomes faster and more accurately than industry standard.9.4
Zhang et al43Proportion who had HIV test after 3 months postinterventionRandomised control trialSurvey0.350.37HIV test promotion finalist video performed as well as professionally created social marketing video (p>0.05) and had greater cost-savings.9.4
Tang et al44Proportion who had engaged in condomless sex after 3 months postinterventionRandomised control trialSurvey0.3360.323Crowdsourced sexual health image intervention achieved non-inferiority at 3 months (p>0.05) and had greater cost-savings compared with conventional social marketing alternative.9.4
  • ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.