Table 1

Sixteen selected innovations

InnovationSourceHealth need
1ART Adherence Clubs, South AfricaCHMISelf-management for people living with HIV by using clubs to provide support and education to promote patients’ adherence to antiretroviral therapy.
2Reproductive Health Vouchers Programme, BangladeshCHMIMaternal health programme which provides vouchers to pregnant women to cover transport to antenatal care, delivery and postnatal care and for purchasing medicines.
3Mobile Early Detection and Prevention of Oral Cancer (mEDPOC), IndiaCHMIProject aims to screen oral cancer by early detection and prevention of oral lesions at the community level.
4Family Health Strategy, BrazilTTWUDNational community health worker programme to meet the medical needs of specific neighbourhoods and communities through task-shift and coordination with other health services.
5CARE Hospitals, IndiaAccessHospital operating model revolves around strategic cost control, enabling it to perform advanced procedures at a fraction of international costs.
6GeriCare@North, SingaporeAccessTelemedicine solution that involves a hospital-based specialist physician examining patients in nursing homes with the assistance of a specially trained geriatric nurse on site.
7GlicOnLine, BrazilCHMIService to support the treatment of all types of diabetes by empowering patients to correctly follow treatment plans through digital alarm reminders and improved data collection through any Android mobile phone device or via the Internet.
8i-calQ/Smartphone Thyroid Disease Management, multicountryCHMITurns an ordinary smartphone into a portable diagnostic laboratory combined with medical decision support algorithms to provide a comprehensive disease management solution.
9LifeNet International, Burundi and UgandaCHMIPartners with churches and faith-based healthcare delivery organisations to serve the primary care needs of their communities.
10MedicMobile, multicountryGSMAProvides mobile phone tools to strengthen the connection between last-mile communities and health facilities.
11Mobidawa and WelTel, Kenya and CameroonGSMABoth use mobile phone technologies to disseminate information to the population at large and to send targeted messages to patients.
12PEEK Vision, multicountryWISHMakes eye tests affordable and easy anywhere in the world by leveraging smartphones with specialist adapters and smart software.
13Programme for Screening, Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment of Depression, ChileTTWUDProvides effective treatment for people with depressive disorders by integrating detection and treatment into primary care throughout Chile.
14ReMeDi: Medical Data Acquisition Unit, IndiaCHMIProvides Electronic Medical Records including; images, various health parameters as well as audio-video conferencing at very low bandwidth for remote healthcare delivery.
15Saúde Criança, BrazilAccessPosthospitalisation Family Action Plan developed by a multidisciplinary team that addresses different determinants of health such as health, housing, income generation, education and citizenship.
16World Wide Hearing Foundation International, multicountryGSBIBuilds local capacity of communities to manage hearing loss by providing a trained cadre of audio technicians and basic diagnostic kits.
  • Source: ACCESS, Access Health International; CHMI, Centre for Health Market Innovations; GSBI, Global Social Business Incubator; GSMA, Groupe Spécial Mobile Association; TTWUD, Turning the World Upside Down; WISH, World Innovation Summit on Healthcare.