Table 1

New chief complaints and anxieties induced by individualised medical devices

TechnologyNew chief complaints and anxieties (examples)
Clinical thermometerHigh or low body temperature
Weight scaleIncreased or decreased body weight
Body composition analyserIncreased or decreased body fat percentage
Blood pressure gauge
High blood pressure (‘having a headache’)
Oxygen saturation monitor
(fingertip-type, wristwatch-type)
Low oxygen saturation (‘having respiratory discomfort’)
Blood test
(using a handy apparatus)
C reactive protein 1.2 mg/dL (no subjective symptom)
(T-shirt-type, wristwatch-type)
Arrhythmia (medically harmless)
(in conjunction with a smartphone)
Any anomaly? Inflammation? Cancer?
Brainwave measurement
(by unipolar induction)
Sleeping disorder? Epilepsy?
Automatic diagnostic software
(via the internet)
Cancer? (‘Possible causes of your condition are acute gastroenteritis (90%), colon cancer (<0.1%)’)
  • These are examples of complaints and anxieties newly induced by technology: inability to interpret measurement values and fear of possible anomalies or serious diseases.