Table 2

Title used for specific classes of medical devices

IPC class IPC class description Subsector title
A61MDevices for introducing media into or onto the body; devices for transducing body media or for taking media from the body, for example syringes, inhalators, suction or pumping devices, probes, catheter, dilators and the likeMaterial delivery and collection
A61BDevices for diagnostic, surgical instruments, auscultation and aids for medical examinationDiagnostic and surgical
A61NDevice for electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, radiation therapy, ultrasound therapy example laser therapy deviceTherapy assistance
A61FProstheses, splints, bandages, devices for fomentation and treatment or protection of the eyes or earsImplants and dressing
A61CDentistry devices, for example dental prosthesis, artificial teeth and the likeDentistry