Table 2

Survey results from members of multidisciplinary team

 Template Handover SystemElectronic Database SystemDifference95% CIp-Value
Acute trauma referrals     
Maintains an accurate list of patients requiring review6. to 3.96<0.001
Contains relevant information about patients co-morbidities5.059.0542.84 to 5.16<0.001
Contains relevant information about management plan5.593.52.33 to 4.67<0.001
Easy access to information previously discussed at trauma meeting3.658.855.24.15 to 6.26<0.001
Access to previous handover sheets during the weekend5.258.753.52.13 to 4.87<0.001
Patients awaiting surgery     
Maintains an accurate list of patients awaiting surgery5.29.454.252.97 to 5.53<0.001
Easy access to important clinical information (Date of injury / co-morbidities)4.359.45.053.93 to 6.17<0.001
Efficient transfer of information regarding to come in (TCI) admissions between doctors, nurses and clinical site managers48.354.352.97 to 5.73<0.001
Easy access to patient contact information4.959.254.33.12 to 5.47<0.001
Non-regular attenders of trauma meeting / handover     
Access to handover sheets when required3.358.455.13.58 to 6/62<0.001
Access to up-to-date plans made at trauma meeting2.558.956.45.16 to 7.64<0.001