Table 3

Posthackathon team-level responses

NPer centMean/hackathon
Continued work beyond a hackathon
 Not yet but plan to3610.13.0
Prototype progress after a hackathon
 Teams reporting any progress12635.410.5
 Teams reporting major progress7019.75.8
Projects initiating pilot work
 Preclinical studies5214.64.3
 Clinical studies with providers or healthcare workers only4211.83.5
 Clinical studies with patients246.72.0
Teams initiating a business plan9727.28.1
Patents filed226.21.8
Companies formed154.21.25
Financial support raised Number of awardsNumber of teams obtaining any award
Total raised (millions of US$)Mean per hackathon (millions of US$)Median award size (US$)
Amount in US$64.0825.341800
Perceived progress without a hackathon (1=would have made no progress; 5=would have made as much if not more progress)Scale averageSD
All teams1.920.90
Teams raising funds1.870.79
Teams forming companies2.010.90
  • Teams surveyed: 356; mean follow-up period: 12.2 months (range 1.9–40.0).