Table 1

Demographic and questionnaire data

Basic demographicsQuestionnaire
GroupNAge (years)Male %BL reading speed (wpm)Time from BL→5 h (days)Response rate %Cause: % strokeTime from Ictus→BL (days)Read-Right helpful? (1–10)Reading more? (1–7)
R-HA4755 (17)66105 (61)22 [50]688175 [151]6.34.8
L-HA3660 (16)83119 (60)16 [28]618949 [562]6.25.2
Control2259 (13)59129 (60)18 [23]5573342 [2890]7.05.2
  • Demographic data from the three Read-Right user groups: patients with right hemianopic alexia (R-HA), left hemianopic alexia (L-HA) and controls without hemianopia (control). Mean age and reading speed (wpm=words per minute) are reported with SDs in curved brackets. Measures of the time taken from baseline (BL) to completion of 5 h of Read-Right therapy (5 h), and the time from ictus to BL, had non-parametric distributions and therefore are reported using medians (in italics) with associated IQR in square brackets. Results from the self-report questions “Has Read-Right helped your reading” and “Compared to before starting Read-Right, every day I am reading [X] time more or less” are also presented.