Table 1

Summary of project comparison

ProjectEstimated cost to buildOSHW license usedMicrocontroller/platform used
MyOpen10–13$250GNU public license10Blackfin DSP
e-Nable16–18$350Creative commons attribution non-commercialArduino
CT scanner20–22$300GNU public license V.3Arduino
Fechko's peristaltic pump26$170N/ARaspberry Pi or Arduino
Wijnen et al's syringe pump8$971Creative commons attribution share-alikeRaspberry Pi
e-Health sensor platform30$500UnknownRaspberry Pi or Arduino
OpenBCI31$450–$800Creative commons share-alikeArduino or ChipKit
DIY blood pressure monitor32$50N/AMicrochip PIC
Diabeto33$50UnknownAtmel ATTiny
Nightscout xDrip34 35$60N/APololu Wixel
  • DIY, do-it-yourself; DSP, digital signal processing; N/A, not applicable; OSHW, open-source hardware.