TableĀ 4

App perceptions in accordance with gender

Mean score (SD)Mean score (SD)
How useful is the alcohol tracker?1.86 (1.12)1.40 (1.22)
How useful are the provided psychological therapies?1.69 (1.16)1.43 (1.22)
How useful is the information on alcohol dependence?1.83 (1.17)1.65 (1.23)
How useful is the notification service?1.97 (1.31)1.63 (1.15)
How useful is the audit questionnaire?1.62 (1.14)1.55 (1.30)
Overall, how useful is the app?1.84 (1.15)1.63 (1.29)
  • Usefulness rating scale: 4=extremely; 3=very; 2=moderately; 1=slightly; 0=not at all.