Table 5

Findings on AT availability by country (cited at least once in publications)

CountryAssistive technology
BrazilCanes, wheelchairs, walkers, bath chairs, toilet chairs, hearing aids, ‘Geriatric’ software, activity board, calendar, routine organiser, cane tips to detect puddles, Android application to access social media websites (ie, Twitter), capacitive touch switches, home automation systems with web interface, augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC) and digitally creating video audio descriptions, Braille display, button mouse, audio transmitter, capacitive driver, cane tip for water detection17–20
CambodiaAT for locomotor disabilities, weaving kits, bamboo walking canes, wheelchairs, crutches, tricycles, prostheses, artificial limbs, knee joints, double gripping hook/bowl attachments for prosthetic arm, carved wooden carrying yokes, chairs with an attached trays, wooden bathing benches with rails at each end, metal/rubber bathing benches, wheelchair jump seats, wooden toilet seats with handrails on each side, wheelchair toilet seats and soft plastic washing devices to clean self after toilet use and different forms of seating21
EgyptEgypt-Japan Assistive Device (EJAD), a low-cost AT designed to help elders in walking and sit-to-stand activities.22 EJAD imitates the caregiver's motion during a support task, which helps maintain the stability of the users at any situation, Tablet PCs powered by Android systems containing Quran in large font, cooking recipes, and old songs and Cellular phones with large buttons48
IndiaSecurity alarms, raised seat, grab bars, video intercom, medicine dispenser/cabinet, Jar opener/closer, talking alarm clock/watch, magnifying toenail clipper, lap desk with book holder, back scrubber with hand loops on each end, kitchen finger protector, utensils with finger bump grips or hand strap, adjustable height bed, bed rail, Velcro fastenings shoes, Velcro clothing, pressure modification stockings, cordless speaker phone with pre-set memory-dial, large buttons and numbers, mobile phone with one touch call to family members, friends, helplines, doctors, security, eye glasses/magnifiers, ‘E-Netra’ reads text and converts into voice, hearing aids, visual alerting systems, memory games, walking stick, walkers, wheelchair, spinal braces, stair glide, handrails, prosthesis-artificial limbs, height adjustable/tilting chairs/stool/tables/desks, CDs on traditions, historic movements, pilgrimage and tourist places, folk songs, wheelchair and head movement-based assist system23–29
TurkeyReading pens, screen readers for cell phones, and computers, locators, laser canes, modified appliances, talking watches, walking sticks, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs30–32
ZimbabweWheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches, standing frame, white cane, eye glasses, magnifying glasses, hearing aids, Braille, portable writer and enlarged print, bath and shower seats, commode chairs, toilet seat raisers, safety rails and eating aids, aids for opening containers, flashing light on doorbell, vibrating alarm clock and amplified telephones33
  • AT, assistive technologies.