Table 1

The demographics of surveyed (a) doctors, and (b) nurses: in terms of age, gender, specialty and level of training or grade

Nurses (n)Doctors (n)
Age (years)Age (years)
 <201 <200
 20–2996 20–2951
 30–39141 30–39115
 40–49199 40–4963
 50–59104 50–5943
 60–6921 60–6914
 >702 >701
 Male111 Male144
 Female453 Female143
 Medical nurse132 Medicine92
 Surgical nurse57 Surgery53
 ITU nurse49 Anaesthetics34
 Theatre nurse35 O&G22
 A&E nurse31 Paediatrics20
 Paediatric nurse28 Radiology16
 O&G nurse28 Pathology14
 Midwife14 Emergency medicine11
 Recovery nurse13 Ophthalmology7
 Renal dialysis nurse13 Intensive care6
 Psychiatry nurse2 Other14
GradeLevel of training
 Band 253 FY18
 Band 361 FY217
 Band 47 Core training28
 Band 5193 Registrar106
 Band 6156 Consultant128
 Band 756
 Band 836
  • FY, foundation year; ITU, intensive treatment unit; O&G, obstetric and gynaecology.