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published between 2019 and 2022

  • Taiwan health department encourages video consultation during Covid-19

    Dear Editor,
    We read with great interest the paper by Clement et al. With the advancement of technology, the digital consultations got a lot of attention in a good way and become more useful during the pandemic for both patients with disability as well as the normal patients. Though, some people still prefers to see the doctor face to face for more self-satisfaction. The digital consultation still have a long way to go for its acceptance within people specifically who are not used to and just begin.

    As we know that telemedicine or video consultation can be used if you want to have look at a patient in care home, are working in a remote practice or the patient is bed bound. It saves patients an unnecessary trip to the practice, and the practitioner may have time freed up to see the sickest patients first. [1] Under the COVID-19 pandemic situation, people have to beware of the existence of such approaches to consultations, during the pandemic people were afraid to go to the hospital or clinic to have a treatment or appointment with doctor, especially for the aging population.

    In Taiwan, the COVID-19 case raised up to hundreds local cases per day since Mid of May 2021 and the situation is going up to stage 3, the ministry of the health in Taiwan announced that people should prefer to use the digital consultation or telemedicine services to prevent the patients hospital visits and infection spread. Taiwan has a well-structured Health IT infrastructure an...

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