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Using a pharmacist-led mHealth to improve patient’s adherence of antidepressants: patients’ experiences in low resourceful country


Depression is considered fourth leading cause of disability and premature death in the world. It is estimated that in developing countries about 25 individuals among hundred suffers from some mental disease in any part of their life. Adherence is a major factor in the success of the treatment of depression. Patients with psychiatric illness are highly affected by non-adherence. 68% of patients with depression discontinue antidepressants within 3 months of therapy initiation, whereas those patients who continue to take their medications, fewer than 33% consistently take the antidepressant as prescribed. Hence, patients with depression can greatly benefit by adherence improving interventions. There is limited evidence of using pharmacist along with mobile health technology for medication adherence in clinical settings. The aim of the study is to develop pharmacist-led mobile application and explore patients’ experience on its utility.

  • mHealth
  • psychiatry
  • inventions

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