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Innovative need-based low-cost kangaroo mother care (KMC) chair


Objectives Low birthweight neonates contribute substantially to mortality and morbidity. Their management in low-income countries is difficult due to shortage of skilled staff and limited resources. Kangaroo mother care (KMC) is an effective way of providing warmth, stimulation and protection against infection, thereby decreasing mortality. We intended to perform a need-based survey among mothers and to develop an economic and comfortable chair to facilitate and optimise KMC. We also evaluated the level of satisfaction among mothers using the developed chair.

Design Iterative product development.

Setting A tertiary teaching hospital having level 3 neonatal intensive care and KMC ward.

Methods An initial design for KMC chair was developed based on the structured response of 40 mothers to a need-based questionnaire. The prototype was reviewed by experts, including nursing staff, and a comfortable chair with minimum logistics was developed. A formative assessment of satisfaction was done using a questionnaire after introducing it in clinical practice.

Results 67.5% of mothers were satisfied with the head rest, inclination and height, while 72.5% were satisfied with the in-built KMC cloth and platform for placing utensils. 86.6% of nurses found the chair helpful to mothers; 83.3% were satisfied with the length of in-built KMC cloth; and 80% expressed their overall satisfaction in the KMC chair. 70% of nurses found the chair to facilitate safe position for the baby and to improve breast feeding.

Conclusion This innovative and need-based KMC chair would help mothers of different builds perform KMC comfortably. This might prolong the duration of KMC, thereby having beneficial effects on the neonate.

  • KMC chair
  • low birth weight
  • breast feeding
  • neonate
  • neonatal innovation

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