Table 2

Barriers to patient portal utilisation

Types of barriersRegistered (n=35)Not registered (n=35)p Value
I don’t have a computer, email or internet access.0%6%0.15
I feel uncomfortable using computers or the internet.0%14%0.02
I feel unsure in how to use MyChart.0%11%0.04
I would prefer to use a telephone to schedule appointments or contact my provider.26%26%1.00
I was not aware of the existence of MyChart.0%43%<0.001
I don’t see the benefit in using MyChart.0%9%0.08
I lost my login ID and/or password.9%9%1.00
I don’t have time to use MyChart.3%9%0.30
I am not interested in managing my own healthcare.0%0%1.00
Other, none of the above.14%3%0.09
I do not have any barriers.51%20%0.006